"I grew up the youngest of five children in an incredible family of motivated and caring people. My parents taught us, by example, the importance of volunteering and giving back as much as we could to society. This fundamental aspect continued through school, university and throughout my working careers. In my early 40’s, after volunteering as a Victim Support Volunteer at our local SAPS, I decided to change careers. This would be the third and final career path for me when I founded an NGO called Community Cohesion. Our core focus is psycho-social support, education and training. I lead a team of 12 extraordinary human beings, working daily to empower others to live their best lives. My mom is still my biggest motivator."

Bronwyn Moore was born and raised in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Education. She was an educator for 7 years before moving into the field of television and documentaries, during which time she won numerous awards for programming with an education or social awareness aspect. In 2012, she left television and founded an NGO, Community Cohesion. The community work initially done attracted the attention of the Department of Social Development and Community Cohesion is now a funded partner of the DSD under their Victim Empowerment Programme. Bronwyn continues to study and develop her skills to enable her to lead a team of 12 Social Workers and Counsellors. She still volunteers at the SAPS.