“what if we invested in our working community and they left the company?”

“what if we did not invest and they stayed?”

in-house wellness

creating a wellness consciousness for your company

why a wellness program?

investing in your company just makes sense…is even an obligation competent energised employees, completing tasks in an injury-free manner is an ideal improved performance, decreased sick days, injuries and absenteeism are some of the benefits.

who are we?

in-house is the culmination of dr. colin moore’s 26 years of practice in america and europe & his desire to share his experience with working communities like yours in the western cape.

his sister, bronwyn, founder of community cohesion, is responsible for social & crisis management counselling as well as empowerment work shops.

why work with us?

human potential and performance are our passions

our initiatives fit seamlessly into daily work routines

we have a unique 2 dimensional approach

by coming to you, we save your working community time, energy & money, and... together, regardless of your budget, we will tailor make a program that fits your companies needs

the 5 key elements to our wellness program