The house is approached down a long, private drive and is not overlooked. It's set in private woodland and pasture. Sensitive land management encourages all wildlife. Year-round displays of wild flowers, insects and birds make walking along the mowed paths a real pleasure and adventure. Visitors (young and old) are more than welcome to accompany us for the dog-walks!

Drive Drive

Marmiflet is approached down a long, private drive. Click to enlarge.

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Photographs taken from around the 42 hectare property. Click to enlarge.

The Orchids

The orchids native to Aude are ancient in origin and magnificent. There are 84 species and sub-species known in the region, but modern day farming and living have not encouraged their success. Even roadside verges which had become a refuge for orchids are now under threat from spraying in place of mowing.

Marmiflet is thus a very important site, with over 100 acres of wild woodland, plantation and meadows, cut through length and breadth by grass paths. It is principally on these paths that one sees the orchids – mostly flowering in May, June and early July. Over 26 species have been identified by me – amateur in the extreme – but there may well be more. Habitats vary throughout the property, adding to the diversity of orchids to be found.

A selection of the orchids that have been spotted on the property are presented below.

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Views around Marmiflet during the peak of the orchid season. Click to enlarge.

The property is managed entirely environmentally – no sprays, no fertilisers – which is perfect for the well-being of this highly specialised plant species.

Marmiflet is full of colour throughout the year – trees, wild flowers, birds, butterflies and other insects and wild mammals and reptiles. All these benefit from the light handed management of this beautiful oasis of peace and tranquillity.